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June 25, 2009

CNN interviews two women how just fled Iran in the last few days.

Here it is:

wear green.


Looks like the Arab world agrees! (Or at least the hip amongst same)

June 25, 2009

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June 21, 2009

When this first came out, people said it was irrelevant, or naive: That the issues in the middle east had nothing to do with pop culture, western music or styles, etc… Yet when I see that in Iran today it’s the women who are leading the fight on the front lines of the green revolution, or that the taliban invariably focus their abuse on women who”don’t know their place”, by going to school, wearing make-up, or dressing just a little sexy, I can’t help thinking Joe Strummer nailed it.


Shot from a rooftop in Iran today…

June 21, 2009

This just gets worse and worse. If you live in a major city (NYC, Paris, Beijing, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, etc..) Wear something green in a conspicuous way, so people know why you are wearing it. We didn’t have this kind of courage here in 2000, let’s at least stand up for these people who do.

Here is Iran - June 20, 2009 on Twitpic

You know, this is embarrassing….

June 20, 2009

…I mean, why didn’t WE do this when our hardline right-wing idiots rigged our elections? Read this and then tell me you ANYONE born and raised in this country who has this kind of courage and commitment.

Ooooohh, we are one lazy spoiled civilization… no wonder we’re tanking! Go, Iran!!! I’M JEALOUS OF YOU.

read this. I dare you.