Bye-bye, Bayh!

Evan Bayh (pronounced “Buy”) has announced his retirement. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Evan.

Good to see this two-faced republicrat go. I just wish I’d have seen him go down in flames in the fall instead of walking out on his own. It sure makes a much weaker narrative then the one it replaces: Every DLC Senator or DLC subordinate (Reid) losing their seat after blocking the public option.

It’ll do.

I’m beginning to see the possible signs of a possible Obama strategy here. Let the Bluedogs and the Repubs destroy themselves, help them destroy themselves. Do nothing, play dumb, send out mixed messages, let the ship drift. Have a “Popeye the sailor” moment (that’s alls I can stands, cause I can’t stands no more!!!!) and cue the souza music sometime in 2011, and then shift hard to the left, passing tons of stuff in budget reconciliation and recess appointments, and peak just before the 2012 elections.

Very smart, if that’s what he’s doing. One can hope.

So far this cycle:



Coming up:




Next cycle:




Remaining to go:


Did I miss anyone?

All we need is a few pick-ups to replace these turn coats with real progressives.


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